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《機械新秩序 Part 1 — 陳硯平個展》The Mechanical New Order Part 1 - Solo Exhibition Of Yenping Chen

  • 台北喜來登飯店 Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel (Booth 925/River Art) 12 忠孝東路一段 台北市, 100 Taiwan (map)

自然是一部機械,以物競天擇運作生物演化的機制,人的自我也是一部機械,遵循社會體制下的規律與重複,也對他人與自我的期待拉扯、衝突著…… 無法否認,因為人不完美,所以發明機械以達成絕對精準與規格化,人也懂得欣賞、思考機械運轉的和諧之美,繼而逆向模仿機械,創造專業分工與生產線,用來經營社會上的人力資源,因此我們可以這麼說:人與機械都是自然秩序的一環。機械如此,自然亦同,卻唯獨人有能夠描述情感與記憶的能力,並且拾起自我零碎的片段,然後重組,在不斷流變的秩序之中,找尋靈魂適居之所。

Nature is a machine in that it is a biological evolution mechanism of natural selection. The human self is also a machine. Humans comply with the rules and repetition of the social system and are pulled and conflicted by the expectations of themselves and others… There is no denying that because humans are not perfect, they invented machinery to achieve absolute precision and standardization. People also know how to appreciate and contemplate the harmony of mechanical operation. Then, by way of reversing, humans decided to imitate machinery, creating professional production lines and division of labor to manage human resources. Therefore, we can say, “Humans and machinery are part of the natural order.” Machines and nature are similar, but only humans have the ability to describe emotions and memories, pick up fragments of themselves, and then reconstruct them. Among the ever-changing order of this universe, humans seek a place for their souls to call home.

此次個展與美國聲音藝術家 Ryan Campos 合作,由 Ryan 為其作品製作配樂,試圖在虛擬社群和真實世界,視覺和聽覺之間,邀請觀者進入身歷其境的完整體驗,聆聽隱藏在聲音表象背後的聲響,在畫面之中找尋曲徑通幽之美。

This time, Chen cooperates with Ryan Campos, an American sound artist, who produces scores for his works. Between virtual community and real world, vision and hearing, he invites viewers to be wholly experienced as if virtually being there, to listen to the sound hidden beneath the surface and to find the beauty of winding path that leads to a secluded quiet place from the images.