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《當代數位人與其環境的繪話 — 陳硯平個展》Modern Men To Their Digital Surroundings - Solo Exhibition Of Yenping Chen

  • 文化一七九藝術空間 Artspace Wenhua 179 新北市鶯歌區 文化路 新北市, 239 Taiwan (map)

2013年發生一件軍事醜聞,一名士官疑似遭虐待致死的案件引發社會關注,筆者回憶起多年前自大學畢業,進入陸軍服役的那一年,曾注意到軍方的媒體節目,內容不外乎是軍令宣導、部長出訪的瑣事,公務員保障般的國軍召募訊息,以及偶像明星的打歌宣傳,但在同時,民間發起的各種社會抗爭,軍事媒體卻刻意過濾掉了,不讓在營軍人接觸這類訊息。因此不免產生疑問,台灣雖然自詡為開放民主國家,但似乎並未擺脫過去威權時代掌控媒體的雙手,服膺少數財團的政治工具。 經過當兵的「磨鍊」後,更深刻的體認到,例如:台灣在國際上的政治弱勢、統獨議題與身份認同,長久以來難以解決的矛盾等等,其中癥結仍然存在,議題終究事過境遷,被新的議題所取代、被掩蓋,最後被遺忘,群眾也一哄而散,繼續回到工作崗位庸庸碌碌。然而在粉飾太平的底下,埋藏著多少難以掩蓋的醜陋? 台灣青年存在於一個媒體無處不在的世界,也迷失在無數亦虛亦實的商業廣告、競選支票之中,找不到內心真誠的快樂,為了因應社會所需,不得不簡化成單純處理0和1的「當代數位人」,意即接受指令、處理信號的機器,面對社會疏離異化,徒留不滿與無奈。透過創作,心靈才得以緩解。 我以漂白水噴灑在黑色布(醜聞的關鍵影帶疑似被遮蔽,因此有國防布一稱)做為創作的靈感來源,在這裡,黑色布成為一種被黑暗覆蓋事實的證據載體,漂白水在黑色布上拔除顯色。身為創作者,理應破除黑暗表象,使被隱藏的事物顯現出來。並由衷期盼能以社會觀察者、參與者角色切入,審視思辯能力,表達個人對社會現象的憂心外,並藉由人文關懷,持續反省自己的創作。

In 2013, a serious scandal of officers bullying and abuse in the army astonished the whole society of Taiwan. This event provoked my memory of my military service experience several years ago. That time I just graduated from the university and had been served in the army of land force for a year. During that period, I noticed that the TV programs in the army only focused on trivial matters, such as military orders, news of minister visits, recruitment announcements, celebrity advertising etc., and avoided other news and social protests. I wonder, though Taiwan considers itself a democracy, is Taiwan still under the authoritarian regime? Since from those events, the country seems to be fully controlled by media, and to play as a political tool serving for plutocrats. After my military service, I realized that the problems that Taiwan is facing now still exist, such as the disadvantaged political situation of Taiwan in the world, the identification and unification-independence issues. Though these discussions can be changed and replaced by new topics or subjects, and may be gradually forgotten by the crowd, we cannot deny that, once you open the trash can, there still are bunches of stinking and ugly truths inside the bin. I recognized that, we are now lost in the world occupied by media exposure, unreal commercials and dishonest political ads. To adapt ourselves to the society, we are programmed to be “modern men” —— which can only receive commands, deal with signals, face mechanisms of “0” and “1”, and lost abilities of being happy. While facing this situation of social alienation, I feel myself resentful, and it seems I don’t have any choice. From creating this work, I anticipate to relieve myself. My inspiration was from spraying the household bleach on the black fabric (the black fabric symbolizes the key video of the scandal in the army which was hidden from view. The Ministry of National Defense is suspected of being involved.). In this work, the black fabric became a strong evidence to present that the truth is now being covered. Just like the bleach, I, as being the creator of this piece, have the responsibilities to break the dark part of the fabric, and therefore to expose the truth. I expect to express my deep worry to the society from the angles of a social observer and a participant. Besides that, I also anticipate to introspect my work from the viewpoint of humanistic solicitude.