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《靜物 — 陳硯平個展》The Stills - Solo Exhibition Of Yenping Chen

  • 臺中市港區藝術中心 Taichung City Seaport Art Center 台中市清水區 忠貞路 台中市, 436 Taiwan (map)



To science, black means that there is no visible light enters pupils. In the domain of world civilization, black is, in emotions or sense organs, the representative color of solemnity, deepness, unknown, fear, etc.

I created “human body still” on black cloth with bleach (calcium hypochlorite) as the image of the series. To me, the medium of bleach is a kind of substance with two coexistent sides, destruction and regeneration. It is like the Big Bang in the universe tens of billion years ago, resulted from extreme compact and complex energy, which released time and space in the short exploding process and bred species and numerous civilizations. The creator seems also to play the role of the Creator – Bleach caused burning pain on the black cloth by corrosion and deconstruction, transformed it into brightness on the picture, and shaped it as a basic body portrait through the stacks of times and substances. Imagine that, in the picture arrangement, the still in the painting gradually has its own thought after highlighting by a gleam from a corner of the stage. It understands the unknown darkness around where it is which comes from the unequal oppressions of authority, belief, and social dogma, and starts to engage in resistance and acceptance, and repellence or adaption, via thinking, yearning to return the value to individual development and refusing the imprisonment and restriction from logos. The silent soliloquies between the role and the reality occasionally conflict and impact. Both of them are probed, destroyed, and distorted mutually. However,body and universe law will become the cycle of destruction and reconstruction in the end, and consciousness will no longer exist.